Frédéric Boyer

Frédéric Boyer is a French writer and translator, published in France by P.O.L. Discovered by Paul Otchakovsky-Laurens, who passed away in 2018, Boyer is now his successor as head of the publishing house. His work includes translations of Saint Augustine (awarded the 2008 Prix Jules Janin) and Shakespeare, as well as the coordination of new translations of the Bible for Bayard. His 1993 novel Des choses idiotes et douces won the Prix du Livre Inter 1993, and Cows was published by Noemi Press in 2014.

Related / Latest Publications:
Frederic Boyer, Cows, translated by Joanna Howard and Nicholas Bredie (Noemi Press, 2014)
William Shakespeare, Tragédie du Roi Richard II, translated by Frédéric Boyer (P.O.L., June 2010)
William Shakespeare, Sonnets, translated by Frédéric Boyer (P.O.L., June 2010)